Call for Proposals


The Call for Proposals will be coming by email.  Please wait to submit a proposal until you have received the email.


Do you have an idea for something to share?


Even if you only have a small item to share, we all want to get the opportunity to learn from you.


Our proposals fit into two categories: regular proposals and activity table proposals. Anything regular needs to take place within a 50 minute period. It can be a lab activity or any other type of presentation. It does NOT have to be formal nor publishable. We just all do more when we learn from one another.


An activity table proposal is something that you can share in about 10 minutes while standing around... kind of like you would present a poster, but nothing formal. If you have a handout you use in class that helps, that's a good thing to share. You could talk about it in about 10 minutes as people wander to and away from you.


If you want to share something, click here to submit your ideas.


You can also follow this link: 

Contact us via our online form or email.

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