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Do you have an idea for something to share?


Even if you only have a small item to share, we all want to get the opportunity to learn from you.


Our proposals fit into two categories: 50-minute proposals and activity table proposals.


50-minute proposals can be:

  • A regular lecture-room presentation. This does not have to be a lecture or PowerPoint, although it can be. You can have a classroom activity or an interactive conversation with your peers.
  • It can be a lab activity. In this case, you will want a lab at our host institution, so you will need to specify that it is for a lab presentation and mention any special items that you might need for them to have on hand.
  • It can also be a computer activity. That also would require a specific room, so you would need to be clear about this.

Keep in mind that a 50-minute proposal does NOT have to be formal nor publishable. We just all do more when we learn from one another.


Activity table proposals are:


Anything small that you want to share in about 10 minutes while standing around... kind of like you would present a poster, but nothing formal. Examples would include:

  • a handout you use in class that works
  • a short activity that you do in class
  • any guide that you give to new adjuncts
  • how you solve any problem that you think might arise in someone else's class, like dealing with dissecting materials and clean up

All of these items are things that you could talk about it in about 10 minutes as people wander to and away from you.


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